WaterBoyy PORSCHE 白皮體育聖的溫泉之旅

雨季初冬,帶大家去瀑布玩水,讓大家心中濕透了保時捷這個大家求之不得的小模子,現在就想來個寫真。 是的,我們的雜誌是保時捷決定參加此活動的第一期,也是唯一一期。

At the end of the rainy and early winter, take everyone to play in the waterfall to make them drenched in their hearts with Porsche, the young model that everyone has asked for the most, wanting to take a photoshoot now. Yes, and our magazine is the first issue Porsche decided to attend this event and it’s the only one. Please help everyone to support.

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